No more cheaters: Star Wars Battlefront II™ Server Protector.

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Security for your Game Server

The SWBFII Protector uses advanced and professional techniques to analyze and monitor changes of the running game. It automatically checks for mods, hacks, code manipulations, debuggers etc. and provides the server the encrypted data.

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Simple to Use

A player who wants to use the Protector client doesn't need to install an overloaded tool or register an accout. It's sufficient to replace the game executable with the protected edition. An administator installing the server gets a intuitive and powerfull GUI and can easily configure the tool to fit his/her needs. Also there's only one instance of the Protector needed per root server. All running game servers will be recognized and managed.

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Decentralized & Independent

There is no such as a master server. The Protector communicates directly with the protected server. This means everyone can use the tool and it's far less vulnerable to crashes or hacking attacks. If you have a webserver like Apache running on your machine, you can also display a webinterface for live-monitoring.

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The Star Wars Battlefront II™ Protector has been designed to fight against the rising cheating problem in the SWBFII community. It's our intention to improve everyone playing experience and to help avoiding misunderstandings.

There have been huge changes in the SWBFII community the last year. More and more cheats appear on the internet though the game exists for a couple of years now and nearly no publicly available hacks have been released since. But the last year significantly changed this fact. Several hacks such as ESP and aimbot appeared. Since there were nearly no cheats (except mods like sniper crosshair) there is no anti-cheat protection either. We're here to fill this gap and provide a software that monitores the game, the players and prevents player from manipulating code. To get a detailed list and explanation of the features, please follow the "Read more" link.

If you'd like to show your involement you can become our partner by sending us a short message and your clan banner. Also you can support this project by donating something. This will help us keeping up our servers and improving the tool.

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01/31/2015: SWBFII Protector for GameMaster - Client now available

The Protector Client is now available for free download!

Join the Anti-Cheat-Alliance NOW and go grab your copy!
(More details are in the post below)

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12/25/2014: SWBFII Protector redone for GameMaster Server and Clients (No GameSpy)

Hello and Merry Xmas everyone!

I have to admit that the SWBFII Protector project has been asleep for a couple of weeks. I'm not proud of that but now it's done!
Most of you will know that GameSpy, the Masterserver service of SWBFII has shut down its servers in august this year. So the team of GameMaster did a little remake of the GS masterserver and released a patched Battlefront executable in order to make online playing easily possible.
Now that there's still a active SWBFII Community I decided to update the SWBFII Protector, improve it and release a compatible version for servers and clients (SWBFII v1.1 ONLY!). Also there are some bugfixes on the server side (crashing and performance issues) as well as some improvements and stronger security measures on the client side. Currently we're running some last few stress tests. The download will be available within the last days of the year 2014.


03/08/2014: SWBFII 1.0 Server and BlackOps Server Manager 1.10 RCON Patch

A lot of SWBFII server admins complained about bugs when using the BlackOps SM 1.10 to administrate SWBFII 1.0 servers. The SM randomly disconnects from the running server so no admin messages or actions like kick or ban can be performed anymore.
The reason of this bug was a faulty implementation of the port binding in the SWBFII 1.0 server as well as a design fault in the SM itself. We now offer a patched version of the SWBFII server kit for free download.

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01/05/2014: SWBFII Protector Client RELEASE

There it is! The first version of the Protector Client is now available for download. Just launch the Setup and install the programm to your Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData folder. Now you can launch SWBFII v1.0 and v1.1 in a proteced mode via the desktop shortcuts. Make sure to use a GameSpy Account before joining a server.

The SWBFII Protector Server will be released in a few days. For the moment you can test out the protector on all {U.E.F} and [ELITE] servers as well as on our own servers. To lookup a players cheat state please refer to: Overview

Thanks to all beta testers and supporters!

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01/04/2014: Last tests ...

This day the finishing of the application took place. Some small bugs in the SWBFII Protector Server update function and the Client's self checking algorithm have been fixed today. We sould be able to hold the relase date and publish the first version of the software tomorrow!

By the way: I'm very pleased to see that our SWBFII servers are mostly crowded out. That's what they're for!

01/03/2014: Server stability patching and new domain

Today's focus was on increasing the Server stability and purge big and small bugs. The network communication of the Protector Server with the Game Servers is now much smoother and new managing features have been added. Mostly to balance SWBFII server or SWBF2SM bugs... The update function is now fully implemented and we hope releasing the tool soon.

Moreover we reserved a new domain for this website, making it easier to access and to remember: www.swbf-protector.de

01/02/2014: Sponsored servers and server patch release

Thanks to the {U.E.F} clan we now have our own Public Gaming servers running on SWBFII v1.0 and v1.1. This will help us significally to popularize this project. They're 32 slot server called: Public Gaming by SWBFII Protector. A GameTracker link will be added soon.

The second point today is a small SWBF2SM patch I created earlier this day. There is a known bug concering the port configuration when using the SWBF2SM v1.10/v1.08 with a SWBFII v1.0 server instead of a SWBFII v1.1 server: At each restart of the server the Rcon port and the Game port are set back to their standard values 3658 and 4658. This causes problems when there are more than one server runnig on a machine. The patch prevents the SWBF2SM from overwriting the ports when the server is launched. (Notice: When opening the SWBF2SM the ports are NOT loaded from the config file anymore)

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01/01/2014: SWBFII Protector website online

Just in time for the new year we finished the work on our website. We're glad to release it now and hope you won't miss something essential. From now on we're available under the domain: www.swbf-protector.de.vu.

For the moment neither the Protector client nor the Protector server are available for download. We're doing some last testing this days before publishing it. The expected release date is Sunday 01/05/2014.

Public Gaming SWBFII 1.1 Protector Server

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